About Us

International Bariatric Club: our Global Educational Mission



The International Bariatric Clubc group is dedicated for experts in bariatric and  metabolic medicine and surgery. It was created in 2007 by Prof. Tomasz Rogula, a former Cleveland Clinic faculty member and current IBC President and Prof. Philip Schauer, Director of Cleveland Clinic Bariatric and Metabolic Institute. The key co-founder and current Chair of IBC Education is Prof. Haris Khwaja.  

Key Functions of IBC Include: 

  • Organizes World Congresses at the Oxford University
  • Shares and archives bariatric surgery videos, articles, and  presentations relevant to management of intraoperative and  post-operative complications.
  • Serves as a forum for daily requests for opinions and live discussions by members on clinical questions and problems.
  • Hosts live video‐streaming Hot Topics in Bariatrics
  • Participates in national and international meetings relevant to Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.

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